Discovered above the rooftops of Hamburg: The new super-strong E-Grill class WEBER Pulse. For perfect food and relaxed neighbors.

Advertising for electric barbecues without frightened neighbors

I n this rather drab Hamburg business Backyard with car glazier between the hill and St. Pauli I was only once. Namely, when my mom had to be exchanged at one of her visits to Hamburg her night-hit passenger window. A highly dramatic act in several parts. After that I had never moved there again. Until recently. If you walk through the concrete courtyard quickly and hurry up the hidden spiral staircase at the far right, you will discover on the 4th floor a completely different, relaxed world above the rooftops of Hamburg: the event area Penthouse Schanze with a great one-room kitchen and fantastic roof terrace. And on this same day, besides sunshine and cold drinks, there were other exciting things to discover: the new WEBER Pulse electric grill.

Anyone who knows me, who knows this: The Frollein grills. With passion. Again and again I like to tell about the neck chops at my grandma. Or the epic moment, when on the eve of my 40th birthday suddenly several Peter cars and a fire engine under my balcony appeared. And a little later six to eight firefighters in full gear stormed my living room (and nobody wanted to - damn it - strip!). It's hard to say, but rumor has it that my little pink kettle-burned coal grill and a couple of very worried neighbors have been the main culprits of this illustrious booth charm.

But crickets without coal? That's good for the neighbors, but otherwise somehow ... not really, no. Of course I had already tried the variant without coal in my Grillhistorie. And discarded again. The small electric grills with mini-heating coil were mostly ok for two to three sausages. For all else, the egg whites dripped from the grilled food at some point ... and only with luck did it become something that you really wanted: crispy on the outside and juicy pink on the inside. Until recently.

WEBER presented on the said Hamburg roof terrace namely the two new in the top e-grill segment. And the tantalizing scents of grilled pizza, shrimp, salmon, whole chicken, flank steak and chocolate cake (!) Were blowing me so incredibly appetizing that it was immediately clear: Here it means someone serious. This is about grilling with electricity.

The two E-Grills from the WEBER Pulse series bring the two key features for perfect barbecuing: extreme power for quickly reaching high temperatures on the one hand and the digital, degree-accurate setting of the grill temperature on the other.And everything in between. The whole thing works with a normal socket at the touch of a button without smelling grill lighter or smoldering briquettes.

Honestly, this concept is extremely enticing. Because the two devices of the series "Pulse 1000" and "Pulse 2000" bring a lot of other helpful features and gadgets: The tight-fitting lid with temperature display, separately heated grill fields, perfectly matched to the model roll or stand car, the rotisserie, or The ability to control the grill completely via phone or tablet via the WEBER iGrill app are great additions that any barbecue fan can look forward to. However, so much grill technology and a nice sized grill area also put a bit of room. Unfortunately, you will not be able to accommodate the WEBER Pulse on very small mini-balconies. And the whole thing has its price: between 700, - and 1.000, - Euro you have to lie down for this e-grill class. But then you have for years its extremely flexible, all-year-round all-weather, neighborhood-friendly and delicious grill solution at the push of a button at the start.

Oh yes, the food was very delicious. Darn. I need it. And you are, too.

Have it!

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